OOTD: Feelin' the HEAT.

W and I returned from our first ever EVER trade-show last week (I will give you a detailed run-down SOON).  He had a birthday, we bought a hot new turntable, we biked over all the Portland bridges in the 2012 Bridge Pedal under the team name "Biggie Smalls" and then we started our week again, yesterday.  This is the outfit I wore.


this is my cool face.



It's super hot in Portland these days!  And we have never been as busy as we are now!  Business is booming and the pressure is ON.  Yesterday, I was feeling all of these things at once.  I think I forgot to let myself breathe.  And then came time for me to deliver on my OOTD post ...and I had nothing ...but fun.  W brings the goof out in me.  Sometimes it drives me crazy because he can see my frustration (in something not worth sweating over) and so he teases the ugly out of me.  It usually takes me a minute to get over the tease (I may or may not punch him a few times...all while he laughs uncontrollably at me), but we usually end in a giggling hug.  It's ridiculous fun.


Catenary Ring necklace, I live in it.


fake serious stance.


Featured accessories: 

Fremont Bridge Cuff


Catenary Ring Necklace



Vinyl Siren Earrings


AND, I had on a new leather bangle!  These will be on the site SOON, but already available in the Thurman Street shop! This simple, sleek outfit got me through the day.  It was a rough one, but sometimes we just have to let ourselves go through it.  And laugh hard about it later. Love to you all! ~betsy ***Song of the Moment: Losing Myself, by Brazilian Girls***

Group 7