OOTD: Barrie Freezes in the Name of Fashion.

We all know how dedicated Barrie is to betsy & iya. Who else documents Gingham's cardboard addiction, asks the team about their New Year's Resolutions, or brings everyone Two Tarts cookies just for fun??   Well today I pushed Barrie's dedication to the limits when I asked her to go outside to take photos. You know me, I love an outdoor photo sesh. Case & Point. And even though we were enjoying a day sans rain, it was fantastically freezing out. The air hit us hard at thirty degrees Fahrenheit, to be exact. BRRRRR. But like any true blue fashionista she toughed it out. Weather be damned! She was straight up working it. Okay, well maybe it didn't go exactly like that. But after she became acclimated, we did capture some pretty precious photos. And her poor frozen hands were able to write a Mad Lib too! Check it out.  


Dress: J. Crew

Socks: Gold Toe

Boots: Dolce Vita

Necklaces: betsy & iya, Sirocco and Arkadiko

Cuff: betsy & iya, Fremont Bridge

Rings: Redundant Chevron, Simple Sterling Silver Band, and lil' baby Hedgehog by ERS Creative.

This month, I'm prescribing hot chocolate, wool socks, and puffer jackets to all y'alls. Trust me, it will warm you right up.   XoXoXo, Kelly   ***Song of the Moment: Blood Bank by Bon Iver***
Group 7