On the Road Again!

Remember when we drove our aged Subaru across the country at the end of last summer?  Well, folks: we're gearing up for round TWO.  The Subes has been patiently waiting in Mom and Dad's Virginia driveway for 5 months and we hear she's been racing around the neighborhood recently, eager in anticipation for the ride home to Portland. This time around, we'll have a traveling partner:


Gingham, Co-Pilot Extraordinaire


We'll be taking a southern route, hitting Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Charleston, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Albuquerque ($10 bucks for who ever can type that in under 3 seconds), Phoenix, San Diego, and Los Angeles, and the up the coast to Portland.  Crazy, right?! Any tips on great shops in these cities that a Portland jewelry designer would crush on?  Any cities we're not hitting that we should?  Where should we eat (besides out of our cooler)? ***Song of the Moment: Everlasting Light, by The Black Keys***

Group 7