Nine is Fine (for now).

We were lucky enough to have the day off for Memorial Day, and when we all returned to work on Tuesday, it was a FULL house up in production. Our team of makers has grown steadily over the past few months, this I know, but something about seeing them all together this week in the studio working made an impression on me. So much so, I had to get everyone's attention for a picture (it IS my job, after all). Look at all them faces! The people who make your jewelry. There's 7 of them in this picture, Taylor was out sick and Alison is on maternity leave until June, and I didn't include Betsy in the count because she is her own entity of slashes (founder slash boss lady slash designer slash head maker). Also, Kate our seasonal production assistant, is back to help out during her break from college, so we could even say we're at 10 makers right now. However you add 'em up, it's a packed, happy house in production these days. Next time you visit our shop, make sure you peek back and give them a wave or inquire about a tour of our studio! -Anna
Group 7