New Items (a lot of them, all the time).

Sprightly quaintly filigree teardrop beauties (and EXTREMELY affordable)!Sprightly quaintly filigree teardrop beauties (and EXTREMELY affordable)!

I have so many new items that I haven't had a chance to list in my online shop.  With cramming in all the orders I could possibly fill before Christmas (including a last minute snow selling party in the studio), I had a tough time keeping up with everything (it seriously makes me lose my breath a little just thinking about it).  Luckily, I've caught up with my self a little; I'm tappin' myself on the booty to push a little farther and I'm trying to keep my shop fresh for those readers who aren't able to visit my real life shop on NW Raleigh St, Ste 104, Portland, ORegon.  Seriously, seriously, yes, come by and see me in my physical shop/workspace if you ever get a chance.  I keep extremely expensive red wine on hand for said special visits. For now, though, I will entice you with my newest listings. 

Vintagelicious Flower Bomb earringsVintagelicious Flower Bomb earrings

(These flower bombs are sooooo H.O.T! They come in 5 different colors and they're FLYIN' off my shelves!  topaz, dark brown, cobalt blue (my personal favs), black, and olive green)

You can click on the product photographs and it will take you directly to

the online shop item for your immediate purchasing pleasure!!!

Alright, I gots to go to bed now or I'm not gonna be listing any new items or writing any new posts for another WEEK!  And we can't have that.  Goodnight sweet readers, I'll see ya tomorrow! besos, besos, besos ***Song of the Moment: Room with a View, by Tina Dico (Thank you, Helga...miss you, loads.)***
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