New in Shop - Spring to Summer Essentials

New in Shop - Spring to Summer Essentials

We just received a huge shipment of essential bags and scarves that will look great all the way from spring through summer (and beyond). Check out the handcrafted scarves by Ichcha and Argaman & Defiance, plus new-to-us leather bags by Chloe Derderian Gilbert. <-- We're so excited to rep. this Portland bag designer. Each piece she makes is made by hand, as in hand-sewn with a needle n' thread and hand-dyed using natural dyes! Ah-MA-zing! All are available now at our NW Portland retail shop.

betsy and iya spring to summer essential bags and scarves
Ichcha Scarf in Pinecone - $65 Click to shop online
Shown with:
betsy & iya Olandia necklace 30" - $65 Click to shop online
Tienda Ho Tank in Midnight - $52 Click to shop online

Ichcha Block Print Scarf in Grenada $65 - Click to shop online
chloe derderian gilbery handmade bags

New bags for spring! Handmade by Portland designer Chloe Derderian Gilbert.
Top Row: Small Cassiopeia Bag $118
Middle Row: Mini Cassiopeia Bag $78
Bottom Row: Leather Change Purse $28

ichcha block print scarves

Left: Ichcha Block-Print Scarf in Hills $72
Middle: Ichcha Block-Print Scarf in Nila $68
Right: Ichcha Scarf in Windows $65

argaman and defiance silk scarves

Argaman & Defiance Silk Infinity Scarves 


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