New in Shop: Demimonde Studio Jewelry.

Welcome to our shop, Demimonde Studio! Rachael creates each of her intricate, one-of-a-kind designs in her NE Portland studio and retail space. We're all fans of Rachael's work because it's so darn unique. Once you're familiar with her aesthetic, you'll be able to spot one of her pieces a mile away.

Demimonde jewelry Rachael putting the finishing touches on our order at her studio/shop!

Three things we love about Demimonde

1. Movement: even when still, these pieces have motion to them, especially the ones with the metal "fringe" pieces

2. Versatile: in an "I can wear this to a wedding and the office" kinda way

3. Color: from rich turquoise to sexy lapis, the colors Rachael chooses are always alluring

Demimonde jewelry I know exactly what you're thinking and yes, I want them all, too.

Stop by soon to see what pieces have taken up temporary residence in our shop! Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Slow Ride by Foghat***

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