NEW Collection: You + Me, pt. 1

World, meet You + Me. pt. 1*, the newest collection of jewelry from betsy & iya.

betsy & iya jewelry

This collection has been over a year in the making, drawing inspiration from touch, balance, & the many ways - literally & figuratively - that humans fit together. Made of brass, bronze, silver, and fiber, these 14 pieces are extremely accessible, and many can be worn multiple ways. Wear the two parts of the Mía ring interlocked together, or on different fingers. Feeling generous? Wear one and give one to a friend. Even if it's just for a few hours because let's be real, you're going to want it back.

betsy & iya you + me

This collection is important to us for so many reasons; it's the first new collection since Voyage was released in September 2013. It's the first that's been fully designed & made in our expanded space. It's the first to include handspun fiber. It's also a fascinating story how this collection came to be- it wasn't initially what Betsy set out to create, but one night and one shape changed all that. *Watch the The Birth of a Collection for the full story* A jewelry lover's dream because of the range in sizes, metals, and shapes, You + Me, pt. 1 includes several pieces that I know will soon be among my most beloved. I've been mentally plotting my first purchase from this collection for weeks!

betsy & iya you + me

Can't wait to start seeing these pieces out in the world! *Yeah that's right, there will be pt. 2 - even more new betsy & iya jewelry - coming later this year! 2015, you're looking up. Cheers, Anna ***Song of the Moment: Lost in The Dream by War on Drugs***
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