2017 Bridge Cuff Bracelets

2017 Bridge Cuff Bracelets

Say hello to the newest members of our Bridge Cuff Collection! Introducing the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland, California; the Ravenel Bridge connecting Mt. Pleasant to Charleston, South Carolina and the Pennybacker Bridge (also known as the 360 Bridge) crossing the Colorado River in Austin, TX. 

Each cuff is a celebration of the bridge’s unique elements and structural beauty. Etched on the inside you’ll find the year the bridge was completed and its geographic coordinates. 

 Bay Bridge

Bay Bridge Cuff BraceletBay Bridge Cuff Bracelet - Retail $72 brass / $92 silver plated 

The eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is the inspiration for our design. Completed in 2013, it is a self-anchored suspension bridge with viaducts, constructed with aesthetics and seismic endurance in mind. It features modern lines, living palm trees, and curves that fit into the landscape evoking a sunny California feel for travelers and commuters alike.

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 Ravenel Bridge

Ravenel Bridge CuffRavenel Bridge Cuff Bracelet - Retail $74 brass / $94 silver plated

Spanning the Cooper River in South Carolina, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge is a cable-stayed suspension bridge connecting the cities of Charleston and Mount Pleasant. Completed in 2005, this stunning bridge is loved by locals for its breathtaking views, pedestrian friendly paths, and for being a symbol of Charleston.

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 Pennybacker Bridge

Pennybacker Bridge cuff braceletPennybacker Bridge Cuff Bracelet - Retail $69 brass / $89 silver plated

Commonly known as the 360 Bridge, the Pennybacker Bridge is a through arch bridge crossing Lake Austin and the Colorado River. Finished in 1982, the weathering-steel bridge completes a panorama that is quintessentially Austin: lush rolling hills, the Colorado River and the downtown skyline.

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