Music Moment: Easy Not Easy by Graves.

Hey lovelies. I'm one of those girls that fancies herself a "music-to-mood matcher" of sorts. One that has just the right album for every occasion. When I'm feeling sassy I'll listen to CrazySexyCool by TLC or The Writing's on the Wall by Destiny's Child, when I'm feeling nostalgic, any of the sweet sweet albums of The Zombies, or The Bee Gees.  I think I've fallen in love with this way of listening to music because... a) listening to the whole album gives me a good idea of where the artist is coming from. I've found that the order of songs means just as much to me as the lyrics do! b) when hanging out with friends we get to swap artists we love. Our conversation seems to ebb and flow with the feel of each album. I wanted to share the album Easy Not Easy from one of my long-time favorite artists Graves. I've had the honor of hearing him play live quite a few times in my friend's backyard and those memories come back to me every time Spring arrives. I recommend listening to this particular album while eating fresh goods from your local Farmer's Market, while taking a bike ride through the country side, or relaxing with friends after a long spring day . Check out our Pinterest page for more breezy, lovely inspiration. Two of my ultra favorite tracks are "Dirty Bird" and "Lincoln Continental." And can we talk about his voice?! Dreamy. OH! and of course to keep it local, Greg Olin, the man behind the music is signed with Portland's own Hush Records which houses some of the tastiest indie music. I hope his jams find you well, in a spring-induced coma! Love, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: No/Where by Graves***
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