Do you ever feel like you're stretched too thin? You've got school, or work (or both!), you need to make it to the gym, and you promised your friends you'd go to the bars with them, don't forget to feed/walk the pets, did you remember to pick up kale from the grocery store? Oh my goodness, what am I supposed to get my mother-in-law for Christmas? Sometimes it's too much! As a student near graduation I am treading in this stress-filled cesspool. LUCKILY, as many of you know, I work with some of the greatest people ever. EVER. And they taught me that when times are tough you gotta dance it out and keep moving forward!!!! You feel me? Here are some pictures of inspiration that keep me motivated: Sometimes I believe in the first part, but then I remember that I have too much work to do! Plus, if I don't work hard I can't play hard. Duh. When I first saw this image I felt a real sigh of relief. I think we all put too much pressure on ourselves and expect too much. But remember that sometimes you need to take some dips and learn from them to go farther! Also remember that things could always be worse... You could have your head stuck in a camels mouth like this guy... How would you get anything done if that was happening? BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! I believe in you. We need more confidence! Sometimes you don't want to jinx yourself and say, "Well, I might be able to do it, but I don't want to get my hopes up if I don't." NO! You. Can. Do. This! I see this around the shop a lot. Personally, I'm a tea kind of gal, but I know how you coffee lovers are; sometimes you just need a cup-a-joe to keep your day goin'.

Love Pinterest for these pics.

Dance your troubles away!!!!!!! You wouldn't believe how exhilarating/relieving it is. Things are about to get real crazy at the shop... The holidays are here and Little Boxes is just around the corner (Not to mention Kelly and I have Finals coming up soon...Yikes! Pray for us, please!). So I thought this little rant of motivation would help me and those of you who are feeling the same way. Keep moving forward, people! We will get through this! Love you, Barrie ***Song of the moment: You're The Best by Joe Esposito***
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