Miss Popular: the Ayni Necklace.

Given sales, what I've overheard online, and customers' reactions in the shop, the Ayni necklace from You + Me, pt. 1 is an early favorite from our newest collection. I have my theories why - it comes in two lengths, it's versatile enough for the office or "da club," and, like most of our pieces, it won't break the bank - but let's not forget that it's also just a darn beautiful necklace. Sometimes, it really is that simple why people gravitate to a particular piece. This Maker Monday video shows just how this necklace gets its swag. Not surprising, Matty has a lot to do with it. Here we see him start the process by measuring and cutting sterling silver snake chain, making that oh so satisfying “snap” noise. Next is lighting the torch to prepare for soldering, which clearly is very exciting. Watch him solder the snake chain on either side of the cast bronze focal piece, then use his pliers to give an extra tug to test the strength of the solder point. He then cleans up the focal on the polishing cabinet and attaches our signature clasp and closure to finish. This necklace also comes in a 32 inch version, which slips over the head. No wonder this necklace is such a hit, eh? Keep up with all our makers' work on Instagram @betsyandiya! -Anna ***Song of the Moment: Headlines by Drake***
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