Meeting of the minds.

We rode our bikes to work today.  Then we had a meeting.  For the business. The breeze from the ride in must have stuck in our hair, the morning sun in our eyes, and the waking city quiet in our ears.  Our meeting was stellar.  We all three shared ideas and enthusiasm as big edges of new plateaus came into focus. ...wait.  we all three?  who the?  three?  *rummages for meeting agenda*  plateaus... check.  big edges, yes yes.  old business, new business... ah, yes.  Here it is:  Roll Call. Betsy Cross, present. Lupe Torres-Cater, present. Will Cervarich, present. WAIT!  That third guy!  How did he get in?!  *rummage rummage rummage*  OH!  THAT'S ME!  That's right, everyone: the huzzy is here to stay and his first assignment is a fantastic blog post.  (*fingers crossed I'm doing a good job*) Hi, world.  I'm thrilled (ecstatic, really) to make your acquaintance.  Thank you for having me.  Thanks for the bike ride, the full whiteboard on the back wall, the simmering ideas and excitement.  Most of all: Thanks for loving my Bets so much.  We can't wait to show you what we have planned. At my old office, there was a little store down the hall that sold lottery tickets and candy, etc.  The proprietor had a memory like a triple backed-up laser super computer.  He knew where everyone worked and every time you bought a lottery ticket, he'd wish you good luck that one day you'd be able to leave your job behind. "Bye-byeeee, FATCO!," he'd say to me (and every other lotto hopeful, inserting their employer).  Well folks, I've finally won the lottery and it's grand.  "Helloooo, betsy & iya!" ***Song of the Moment: Golden Phone, by Micachu***
Group 7