Meet Your Maker - Gaby

Meet Your Maker - Gaby

We're busy as bees here at the betsy & iya production studio gearing up for the Holiday Season. To celebrate the hard work of each of our Makers, we're kicking off a series of features to help you get to know the hands (and the people they belong to) behind our handcrafted jewelry. To kick off our series, please meet Gabriella (Gaby), a betsy & iya veteran.

Name:  Gaby

Title:  Maker

Hometown:  Northvale, NJ

I wanted to be a Maker because:  Because I love it! Whether I'm making jewelry at betsy & iya, or doing other creative projects outside of work, to me there's nothing better than enjoying creating something special and knowing it will bring someone joy, that's the best.

I learned to make jewelry here:  I learned different jewelry making skills during art school. While at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston my passion really grew as doors were opened to new techniques with different materials, such as small and large scale metal-smithing, fiber arts, sculpture, painting, film, etc. It's amazing how learning about another area of the arts can enhance your understanding of your current practice.

My favorite piece of jewelry to make is:  Oh, that's a tough one! One of my favorite pieces to make is the Tassa necklace, and it is also one of my favorite pieces to wear! I love the fiber work on the Tassa, we spin threads into yarn and then into the rope, and it's really satisfying to see it all come together. I love the balance between the softness of natural material of pima cotton and the strong bronze cast focal piece. I also hold this one close to my heart because I really enjoyed helping problem solve it back in the prototype stage.

Tassa Necklace from the You + Me, Part 2 Collection

Best thing about my job:  The collaboration! The people at betsy & iya are extremely talented and have awesome energy. Whether we’re creative problem solving, prototyping, learning something new, or teaching something new, it’s always a good time.

One day, I will go here:  Brazil – to swim with the manatees! For real. And then indulge in a tropical yoga retreat?!? Oh yeah.

When I’m not working, I’m probably doing this:  Exploring the glorious Pacific Northwest with my good friends & favorite guy. Then more creative work! Acting, painting, collaborating on sustainable design projects, art & film.

This will always be in my playlist:  “La Vie En Rose” by Louis Armstrong



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