Meet Your Maker - Taylor

Meet Your Maker - Taylor

We're continuing today with our series, Meet Your Maker, where we get to know a little better the strange and mysterious mind of a member of our production crew. (Okay, okay, not strange at all.) This month, we're featuring a betsy & iya Maker of over 2 years, Taylor!  Read on for answers to life's most important questions and maybe learn a little about Taylor too.


 Name:  Taylor

Title:  Maker

Hometown:  Walnut Creek, CA

I wanted to be a Maker because... I really enjoy the process. Being able to manipulate and change a piece on the fly is a pretty great feeling. I love having the tools (literal and metaphorical) to be able to create something that people will enjoy and I love being able to create a piece from beginning to end. I get a lot of satisfaction from being a maker and I feel that it is very good for my well-being.

 I learned to make jewelry here: My introduction to jewelry was from Lindsay and Quincy at MapleXO.  I was taught to make awesome pieces out of recycled skateboards.  From there, I was trained in making brass, sterling silver, silver fill, and gold filled pieces right here at betsy & iya.  I'm coming up on two years of working with metal jewelry, and I am loving it.

When I’m not working, I’m probably doing this: Skateboarding, hiking, and spending time in the outdoors.

My favorite piece of jewelry to make is... La luz necklaces and Mollia cuffs. I enjoy making all of the different components of the La Luz (wrapping of the thread, oxidizing of the chain), and the delicate forming of the Mollia cuff.

Best thing about my job: Taking pride in what I do and having the ability to get better at it whenever possible. Working with my hands gives me the freedom to dictate exactly how I do my job in my own way. Of course, working with an amazing team in an incredible and inspiring environment doesn’t hurt either.

One day, I will go here: Osaka. A merchant city with tons of Japanese street food sounds like the best thing ever to me.

How did you spend your winter vacation?  I went to visit my friends and family down in California. It's always fun to go back and visit for a week.

This will always be in my playlist: The Spinners, Four Tops, Diana Ross & The Supremes.

Taylor forming a Mollia cuff on a stepped mandrel.





Mollia Cuff Bracelet

Group 7