Makers: Makin' Mondays More Manageable.

Most weeks, Monday needs a little help to shine. The beginning of the work week is often rushed, filled with meetings, and a bit... sluggish. In an effort to combat this, we've decided to dedicate each Monday on social media to showcasing the work of our makers – the fine people of our production team – because they never cease to inspire and amaze us, and it is our hope that this up close and personal glimpse into their work life will give you a similar The Sabin necklace focal gets hand painted in the Portland color scheme.


My fascination with the work of jewelry makers began long before my first day at betsy & iya HQ, but it didn't really sink in until I bought my first purchase as an official employee (it was a Catenary Ring necklace, for those keeping score). As I went to put it on one morning before work, something clicked; I know who made this necklace. catenaryring Catenary Ring necklace comes to life on Alyssa's workbench


To be fair, I don't exactly know if it was Alyssa, Amory, Barrie, Betsy, or Matt who formed the gorgeousness that was hanging around my neck, but having that personal association with an already beloved piece made it infinitely more special to me.nightwatch1 Amory hand paints the black portion of our popular Night Watch rings


Ultimately, the goal of Maker Monday is to further connect you to your betsy & iya jewelry. Each time you buy a piece from us we want you to have some knowledge about the people who made it and what processes he/she utilized in order to do so. Documenting this has become one of my favorite tasks because not only are the personalities of our makers endlessly entertaining, but I learn so much from them. Even in the rough, earliest stages of a piece, it is easy to find beauty. If I had my way, Maker Monday would probably evolve into Maker EVERYday. morelos Morelos Hoops with freshly soldered posts


On a recent Maker Monday, we had a visit from Lindsey of Makers Workshop and her friends Ruthie and Christian. All three of these folks are champions of the unmatched quality of handmade goods across the country and dedicated to telling the unique stories of the independent designers behind them. photo 4 Christian, Lindsey, Matt, Betsy, Amory, Alyssa, Ruthie. Can we talk about the fab footwear on this bunch?!


It was quite a pleasant coincidence that their visit happened to fall on a Monday, and we enjoyed sharing Portland stories with them as the made their way through our city, meeting with many local business owners and artisans along the way. Look for more Maker Monday inspiration each week on the betsy & iya Instagram account, as well as occasionally here on the blog. Monday blues, begone! - Anna ***Song of the Moment: You Make Loving Fun by Fleetwood Mac***

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