Maker Life Lately.

I love being able to share what goes on in our production studio. As we're growing - and dang, are we growing! - there's more and more action in the studio; more bodies, more equipment, more and more moments to capture and share with our people. Here are some recent snaps straight from the studio. Some are from our makers directly via our staff photo stream (more about this here), some are from me during my many strolls through the studio each day. All capture integral moments in the making of your b&i jewelry (yeah, visits from a tiny dog are necessary sometimes). earrings fresh from the tumbler How do we keep jewelry from getting tangled while its in the tumbler? ^^^ this. Mini Lié hoops are strung on a wire and spaced out by beads to ensure that they don't end up a jumbled mess. betsy & iya rings in process

Big ol' pile of bronze Suelo rings ready to go out in orders!

bangles in process

Some serious You + Me, pt.1 on You + Me, pt. 1 action! Barrie putting the finishing touches on a bunch of Juntos bangles, while wearing the Tuyo y Mía ring set.

jewelry designer Betsy Cross

You know that pose/stance you take on when you're really feeling the groove? When ideas are flowing, to-do list items are getting checked off, and biz is getting DONE. Here's Betsy's seated power pose. Bonus points for the perfect top knot!

small dog, big studio

If you've been a long time b&i blog reader, this isn't the first time you've seen this tiny friend. Zorro is Alyssa's parent's dog and has made a few visits to our production studio before, but I don't think he's been since our expansion. Well, now we can consider our space blessed by Zorro's small but mighty presence.

Gabriella exhibiting excellent safety precautions while using the drill bit on the bronze bars that will eventually go on to create our Jalisco necklace.

betsy & iya jewelry production

Matty melting brass pellets with the torch to prep them for casting (yeah, more on that process later. Super exciting!). Alternate caption: FIRE!!!

Hope you've enjoyed this photo odyssey through b&i studio. Anything you'd love to see? Let me know in the comments! Anna ***Song of the Moment: Spoonman by Soundgarden***
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