July 4th Hours + What's New!

We have good news and bad news. Good news: we'll be open till 9pm on First Thursday, July 2nd, normal hours Friday, July 3rd, and 10am- at least 2pm on Saturday July 4th (call the shop after 2pm to confirm afternoon hours: 503-227-5482). Bad news: the year is now officially halfway over. But let's not dwell on the fact that the days of our lives are zooming by at lightning speed. Instead, let's focus on the good things in the shop that'll help us enjoy the present, including several items to ease the intensity of these 90+ degree days! all natural sunscreen Mayron's Goods SPF 30 UVB-UVA sunscreen: a solid, all-nautral SPF 30 sunscreen in a convenient swipe on package, perfect for traveling. Throw it in your bag and leave it there so repeated application is always just a reach away. You might just go through a whole stick this weekend! $24 each lightweight cotton summer dress The Refuge dress by UZI is a classic in our shop! The most recent restock includes ivory (seen on a very joyous Barrie, above) and olive. It's great as an "en route to the river" coverup, or stashed in a carry-on while traveling because the texture of the lightweight cotton- $116 each. fiber and brass hoop earrings Takara jewelry, also designed and crafted here in Portland, is such a great line for summertime. If you're like me, the warmer months see all my beloved brass accessories pushed to the back of the jewel closet in favor of lighter weight, colorful pieces. The small Ornament earrings above ($75 each) and the variety of necklaces below, will both feel effortless on your skin, even as temps rise. hand dyed fiber jewelry a card that shows you care Ok, so this isn't really related to beating the heat or even looking cute whilst sweating, but c'mon- how could we not? Also, this card by Banquet Workshop is a super sweet way to let someone know how special they are. Available in store and online. Red White Blue And, one more thing before singing off, I wanted to share ^ this ^ throwback photo from last 4th of July. My first thought when I saw this was "where is everyone?" Second thought, "Ashley's headband, LOL." Third thought was more of a realization- oh yeah, we were so much smaller just a year ago! Wishing you all a happy Independence Day and hope to see you in the shop over the next few days! -Anna  
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