it's about time to blow your mind.

Some things just take up a certain amount of time.  Baking bread.  Waiting for adult swim to be over when you're a kid at the pool.  Falling in love.  Christmas. These are things that just don't happen any faster or slower than they're supposed to.  They happen in the time they are meant to take and there's some sort of correlation between how much you wish it to be here *now* and how much you appreciate it when it finally happens. Here's another one: building a website. We've wanted to give this puppy a facelift for quite some time now.  betsy & iya started in 2008 and our website has served us well since then, but it's been time for a change.  What we didn't know is that change would come at its own pace, but that we'd appreciate it even more when it finally arrived. After nearly 9 months of behind the scenes building, designing, and tinkering, we're now days away from launching the new site.  And it feels SO GOOD.  So ummm, keep checking in, because one day soon, you're gonna come back here and have your mind blown.  And it'll be perfect timing. ***Song of the Moment: Drowaton, by The Starlight Mints***
Group 7