Item of the Week: The Noble Fan Earrings

This week's favorite was chosen by none other than the lovely Kate! And what a splendid choice it was. These are the kind of fans that not only beautify any outfit, but they're the kind of fans that you don't have to carry around and look like a kept Victorian woman (but don't worry, Halloween is just around the corner).

Betsy sees both vintage and Egyptian influences in these pieces, and me being a geometric fanatic I see bursting lines combined with gold energy that bring ease and relaxation.

Don't you agree?

Check out the inspiration pics on our Pinterest page.

I think these earrings are great for everyday wear because of their big, yet simple design: Big enough to make a statement, but simple enough not to look overdone. Perfect balance. Check out the style board to see how I would wear these Noble Fans.

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Love it. See you guys tomorrow!



***Song of the moment: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons***

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