Item of the Week: Spring in the Park Necklace.

It's Spring time! But you already knew that. Either way, it's the perfect opportunity to show off the Spring in the Park necklace as our item of the week.

spring in the park

This little lady and all her besties (Summer, Autumn, & Winter) are the epitome of jewelry that is minimal but still makes a bold statement. A perfect semi-circle brass tube joined with an electric blue leather cord, accompanied by a leather wrapped center piece reminds me of all things crispy, sunny, aquatic, and relaxing. Let's all take a moment to *breath in,* aaaand *breath out.* Namaste.

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It wasn't hard to picture the girl wearing this necklace. She has a nice tan from spending so much time in the sun. She forgets to comb her hair in the morning but it still looks great, then rides her beach cruiser to the park to hang out with her friends. She listens to the songs the birds sing, hears the playful cries of children, feels the cool grass between her toes, tilts her head back, closes her eyes, and soaks in that vitamin D.

spring in the park_style board


Crepe-Pocket Tank by Old Navy

High-waisted Silk Shorts from Leanna NYC

Mint Arrow City Tote from Tilde

Miss Brooks Sunglasses from Free People

Hala Huarache Flats from Bohemian

Leather Bangle by betsy & iya (in mint, sea foam & natural)

Badlands ring by betsy & iya

Double Talus ring by betsy & iya

Spring in the Park necklace by betsy & iya

Don't you feel like going outside now (but only if it's bright and shiny)? I feel like going on a bike ride, myself. All I need is a bike...

Happy Spring my song birds. May your lemonade be sweet and your shades be cool. B)



***Song of the moment: Keep You by Wild Belle***

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