Item of the Week: Sirocco Necklace

I'd like to consider the Sirocco necklace the "little black dress" of the entire betsy & iya jewelry collection. It's a classic, something that every woman needs, and works for every occasion. I love the simple black chain, stacked vinyl beads, and brass accents. Easy, diverse, perfect.     I think there's an organic essence in this necklace; the way it blends with any outfit, the beads looking like a snake if you make it slither across a table (does anyone else do that?), the balance of arrangement, and just the simplicity of design.  

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Even though this necklace works with anything I think it's best shown off with the "it's Saturday and I'm going to spend the day shopping with my friends and enjoy a couple afternoon cocktails because I can" outfit. In other words, comfortable with some spice. The perfect mix between edgy and comfortable. Observe my concoction below, and notice the color spotting of teal and gold that help balance the mixed neutrals. Yummy. :)

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  I think this necklace speaks for itself. Let's just hope that it speaks loud enough to my mom since this is on my Christmas list... Fingers crossed everyone!!   Love you all, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey*** (Best. Song. Ever.)
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