Instagram Roundup: Ways to Wear betsy & iya.

After the fun I had with the last food & beverage focused Instagram Roundup, I decided to look for a theme once again. This time, the photos I chose show different ways to wear betsy & iya jewelry. I found a good mix of "selfies in my rad new jewelry" and suggested outfit + jewelry pairings. As always, thanks to all who share your photos with us!

Insta Round Up June '14 Top row L to R: @makeitgoodapparel Our Portland pals at Make It Good Apparel posted a perfect ladies' outfit for this time of year when it's often chilly & overcast when you leave for work in the morning, and warm & sunny by lunchtime. Their Brush Strokes Chambray dress looks especially awesome when paired with our Tabor Earrings, don't cha think?

@dahl_style Sara's Instagram profile describes her as: Personal Style Coach/Columnist: The Oregonian/Personal Style Blogger/Wife/Mother. That's a lot of slashes and as someone who knows her, the woman owns each and every role she takes on. Sara is the queen of #ootd Instagrams and I enjoy following her adventures and why she chooses what she's wearing for the day. Here she is heading out to help personal shopping clients looking fabu in our Jalisco necklace.

@saltyandsweetdesign Not only does Andrea look like a mega babe in her Corollary Triangle earrings (a gift from a friend, purchased at Demimonde in Portland), she made a sister all emotional with her caption, saying "I may own a house here, but there's something about FINALLY owning a betsy & iya piece that makes me feel like an official Portlander." I mean! Tears on my iPad screen, for reals. Mostly because I totally agree and am so happy whenever I'm reminded that Betsy's designs have that kind of impact on other people, too. Bottom row L to R: @svandordrecht Susan chose to bestow on us the highest Instagram honor - a selfie, of course - featuring our Horizon necklace she received as a Mother's Day gift. The accompanying hashtags to this photo? #happywife #happylife You hear that, Mr.'s & Mrs.'s? Just keep your wifeys jewelry collection fresh, and your lives will benefit. #yourewelcome @shmoosma Christine is one of our most active Instagram followers, frequently posting photos of her latest b&i scores, much to my delight. She even traveled from Olympia, WA to attend our expansion party where she received the Night Watch ring seen here on her pointer finger as a gift with purchase. Her daughter took a picture of her well adorned hand and Christine explained the origin of each ring in her caption. Jewelry always tells a story! @curatorsf We sell Curator apparel in our shop, and earlier this year, they started carrying betsy & iya in their San Francisco brick & mortar. Pretty awesome, right?! Their Larkin pants seen in this photo have a been a hot seller for us and they look so fresh paired with our Gotland necklace (Mexico colorway). It really is this simple to look pulled together: chic (also comfy!) pants + solid top/tank + statement jewelry. BAM! Thanks for the reminder, friends! Keep grammin' good people, Anna   ***Song of the Moment: Hello It's Me by Todd Rundgren***
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