Inspired by: TED TALKS "What's It Like To Hear Color?" By Neil Harbisson.

I wanted to save this TED Talk for our next staff meeting but I couldn't wait! It is absolutely awe inspiring. I don't want to give away too much, but the speaker, Neil Harbisson, was born without the ability to see color--now before you drop your jaw and say "What?!" it's called Achromatopsia--and with some ultimate cyborg action Harbisson now lives with a camera attached to his head that sees color and transmits it to his brain through sound waves. Long story short: Harbisson hears color. I found this talk through the TED Talk Radio Hour: "Extrasensory" episode. I really suggest listening to this talk as well as the watching the video, they both have nuances that tantalize the eyes & ears.  
  Did you watch it? Wasn't it amazing?!?! Harbisson has accomplished something that humans didn't even realize could be accomplished because it's never crossed our minds. One of my favorite parts about his talk is when he says, "knowledge comes from our senses," and it's so true! We don't realize how our senses have cultivated our lives and the way we perceive things and learn. And what if we went further than hearing color? What if we started to taste music, or smell through touch? So many possibilities! Just mind boggling. Any other words I try to write won't do this talk justice, so if you haven't watched it yet please do. :) Inspiredlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Sound & Vision covered by The Sound and Cake***
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