In-store SALE is on.

If I told you the outfit Barrie is wearing is 30% off, would you believe me? Well you should, because it is. And because I'd never lie when it comes to such important retail topics as 'sale' in relation to 'cute outfit.' Glad we cleared that up. In ALL honesty, select clothing, bags, and bath & body care products are marked down 30% in-store while they last. Come check it out, people! betsy & iya in-store sale

The Curator dress and Artifact Bag Co. purse seen here are both 30% off in-store now! (jewelry pictured is not on sale)

Our photo assistant, Maurice, thinks sale shopping is the next best thing to belly rubs from our model.

Select bath & body care products are also 30% off!

You know the best part about a sale besides the 'sale' part? It means we're making room for a TON of new spring arrivals. And that, my friends, is most definitely a cause for celebration.

This in-store sale is on while supplies last!

30% off never looked so good,


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