Hot Tips from the Style House of Scarlet Chamberlin

With her personal touch, local wardrobe stylist Scarlet Chamberlin aims to make clients feel seen and cared for – they might simply want change yet may have no clue what that change is. Scarlet is the detective that finds the clues, and she's here with 13 styling tips that she stands by.

Her motto is always buy clothes that feel good to you on your skin, don’t squeeze your vital organs, and most importantly — that you will wear.

1. Pick 5 of your favorite pieces and go to a tailor. It’s less expensive than most people think, and much less expensive mentally and monetarily than continuing the cycle of buying and believing something is wrong with you if things don’t fit off the rack.

2. Jacket sleeves that fit well (often need to be taken in) will make all the difference in how it shows your shape.

3. Thrift trick: Find an oversized jacket, and even if you're petite, wear a high waist with an A-line skirt and some sneakers, you’ll look great and make that older coat current.

Scarlet in her Portland styling studio. Shop Scarlet’s look.

4. To get rid of unwanted thrift store smells on blazers and coats, throw the item in the dryer on low heat with a wool dryer ball or dryer sheets and let it toss around for a while. (Dry cleaning does not help with smells).

5. If you wear blazers a lot but don’t want to keep going to the dry cleaner, wipe the pits out with face wipes after wearing them.

6. Use nail polish remover to remove scuffs on white sneakers. Works faster than a magic eraser.

7. Signature shades or glasses are great ways to add a little something something to a capsule wardrobe.

8. Look at your clothing in sunlight to reveal stains and places that need repair.

“Styling, for me, is about what lives in you that you want to bring out.”

9. Take your shoes to be reheeled and cleaned up in the off-season. Scarlet goes twice a year. Once in the summer with her winter shoes and once in the winter with her summer shoes.

10. Use matching hangers in your closet.

11. If you want to quickly modernize a vintage outfit, add sneakers (a shoe switch can be huge) and/or add accessories.

12. A common question is “How do I not dress matronly.” Scarlet answers: “What matters is what you think works. There is a difference between looking youthful and trying to look YOUNG. Whatever you end with as the look you feel represents you, go for the most sophisticated version of flourishes (ruffles, cutesy patterns, skin reveals) and limit them to one flourish per garment.”

13. Modig. An appointment-only vintage store owned by a mother and daughter. Scarlet often brings clients there based on their personal style and budget.

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