HOT Chocolate Tue-Wednesday

It's Tuesday, everyone!! You know what that mean, right? Yes. Chocolate Tue-Wednesday!!! Yippee!! Now, I must admit that these pictures are from last Tue-Wednesday. Alyssa, the sweetheart that she is, decided that the first Tue-Wednesday of December deserved hot chocolate. And she was right. Look how happy everyone is! Mmmmmm, look at that... Makin' my mouth water.


Look at these faces. Can you feel the enjoyment?!?


Who could be happier than this guy?!


ME!!! I could be happier!!! (This is my weird-overjoyed face...)


Do you all remember our Fall Favorites post? Where I expressed my affinity for hot Chocolate? I wasn't lyin'! I'd like to thank The Dragonfly Coffee House for making some of the best hot chocolate I've had in a long time. Thanks for keeping the b&i crew full of chocolatey-deliciousness!   Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone! And please, do me a favor and drink some hot chocolate. I guarantee it will make your day better than it already is.   Lurv, Barrie   ***Song of the moment: We Need A Little Christmas by Percy Faith***

Group 7