Home & Interiors: Bringing the Outside, In.

I may be a little late on this craze but terrariums & succulents are my new favorite thing. There is no better way to bring warmth, energy, and life into the home than with some sweet, sweet foliage--or if you have a pet, that works too, but we're looking for low maintenance here. It's also nice to have some greenery in the home during the cold/snowy/rainy months when theres little plant life outside. Here are some locally curated flora for you to enjoy: betsy and iya_terrarium love

1. Artemisia: Collage With Nature

2. Solabee: Flowers & Botanicals

3. Terrariums by Sarah Teutimez, available at our brick & mortar shop!

betsy and iya_terrarium love2

4. Revolution Design Boxcar Planter at Tilde

5. Various vegetation by Pistils Nursery

betsy and iya_terrarium love3

6. Ten Cacti Screenprint by Banquet: Atelier & Workshop (available at our brick & mortar)

7. Espe Floral

8. Lava Rock Plant from Hammer + Vine

  One of my favorite shops in town is Hammer + Vine. It's just around the corner from my place and the husband & wife couple who run the store are so helpful! If you have a green thumb than kudos! But if you're no so apt to the ways of herbage upkeep (like me) then I highly recommend talking to your local nursery.   Greenlove, Barrie ***Song of the moment: Barefoot When I Saw Her by  The Master Apprentices***
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