You’ve found the love of your life--the person who you can stay up talking to all night, who knows your favorite songs, who makes you feel lucky to be alive. Now, it’s time to treat them to a ring that they can cherish forever! Don’t know how to start shopping for the perfect engagement ring? No worries--we’ve got you! Keep reading for our favorite helpful hints for buying the engagement ring of their dreams.

A custom-made betsy & iya yellow gold and white diamond ring with a diamond halo setting. Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.



Tradition tells us that an engagement ring should cost two to three months’ worth of our income. At betsy & iya, we think that there’s a time and place to honor tradition; however, we don’t believe that tradition should dictate the amount of money that you spend on an engagement ring. We believe that the value of a ring is in the eye of the beholder--a ring that speaks to you and your partner on an emotional level will be so much more "valuable" than a ring that's chosen just because it costs a certain amount of money. We recommend setting a budget that’s comfortable for you, and then letting the design (rather than the cost) of rings speak to you as you’re out shopping. Plus, if you fall for a ring on the lower end of your budget, you’ll have extra funds available when it’s time to shop for wedding bands, bridal party bling, and more!


As you’re browsing through rings, keep your partner’s visual style in mind. Do they generally wear warm toned clothing and gold jewelry? They may love a ring set in yellow gold or an orange or red gemstone. Do they rock modest, barely-there jewelry? Try a set of thin, minimalistic stacking bands. In addition to visualizing your partner’s aesthetic while you shop, consider the ways in which ring designs can symbolize elements from your personal love story. Did you fall in love in the Southwest? Consider rings with turquoise inlays as a nod to where it all began. Are you tying the knot on a mountain? A ring with a high setting or triangular engravings could bring your partner back to that special day every time they look down at their hand. Don’t be afraid to choose a ring that’s as unique as your love story.

A custom-made betsy & iya ring, featuring a bezel-set white diamond, a yellow gold band, a white gold diamond setting, and a constellation of tiny diamonds set into the sides of the brilliant-cut diamond's setting. Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.



Classically, the beauty and monetary value of a diamond are determined by examining four defining characteristics: its cut, its color, its clarity, and its mass in carats. In short, a large, flawless, and naturally grown diamond is traditionally considered the most beautiful type of this stone. You already know that we think value is subjective, so you probably won’t be surprised to hear that we believe beauty is wholly subjective as well. We admit that we’ve fawned over traditionally beautiful diamonds before, but we’re totally enamored with the "alternative" diamonds (like the elegantly unusual salt and pepper diamond and the sparkly lab-grown variety) that are currently making waves on the market. Selecting an alternative diamond can significantly lower the cost of your ring while adding a beautiful and unique flair to the piece.


We encourage considering a colored stone as an alternative to a diamond! Durable options like sapphire, morganite, and ruby add attractive pops of color and different moods to just about any engagement ring. You may consider a band with colored stone accents, or a ring that features a colored stone as its focal piece. 

A custom-made betsy & iya yellow gold ring, featuring four colored stone baguettes. Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.



Purchasing an engagement ring is both an investment and a highly personal process, so it’s important to work with a jeweler who you trust. It may also be helpful to work with a local jeweler who you can visit for help with sizing, periodic ring cleanings, and stone setting checks. Our line of betsy & iya engagement rings is designed and made right here in our Portland, Oregon studio, where we adhere to the highest standard of ethics and quality. You can rest easy knowing that we use conflict-free stones and recycled metal, extend a one-year guarantee on our workmanship, provide ring cleanings and repairs, and offer a 10-day refund policy on our fine jewelry.


At the core of it all, an engagement ring is a symbol and celebration of the love that you and your partner share. So, our biggest piece of advice when shopping for the perfect ring is to take a deep breath, slow down, and pay attention to the pieces that feel like your partner. With your love story at the forefront of your mind, the perfect ring will find you. 

A pair of custom-made betsy & iya inlay rings, featuring geometric slices of rhodonite, chrysocolla, and willow jasper stones and black diamond accents. Hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon.



Still not finding the perfect ring? Collaborate with us to create a completely unique (and swoon-worthy) custom engagement ring! Simply RSVP to one of our Engagement Ring Discovery Nights or book a free, one-on-one consultation with Betsy to get the design process started. Let’s create something special together!

The betsy & iya custom ring design process, from the initial design consultation to ring fabrication.