Hello Etsy !!!

We are honored to be speaking alongside incredible company at the Portland extension of the Hello Etsy Summit.  Word on the street is that the event, being held at PNCA, is sold out; but according to the wonderful I Heart Art blog you can catch some of the workshops in the Etsy Labs.  If you have a ticket, come and find us!  Our session description is listed below---boy, have we got some juicy stories for you. This is cool too--PNCA students, alumni, faculty and staff may attend for free!


Betsy Cross and Will Cervarich You’ve started a business—so, what next? This workshop deals with understanding the snags, needs, and successes of owning an indie micro-biz. Betsy Cross and Will Cervarich will present their story of success, overcoming snags and meeting the needs of their business, betsy & iya, as well as the importance of staying active, navigating business intuitively and taking risks. Here is some more specific info about the event. Hope to see you tomorrow! xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: The Art Teacher, by Rufus Wainwright***
Group 7