Happy Birthday, WILL!

It's not everyday we get to pull a fast one on bossman Will. He's involved in so much of the day-to-day operations here at b&i HQ, it's difficult to get so much as a sneeze past him. Through the magic of electronic mail, we coordinated a time to celebrate his birthday (August 9th) by forcing him to stop working at 6:00 PM and play Xbox, drink beer, and eat snacks with us*. Oh, and obviously wear a party crown! *Editor's Note: it took very little force to make this happen

betsy & iya staff celebrates Will's birthday


xbox to celebrate Will's birthday Amory & Matt, mid Xbox battle.

betsy & iya celebrates Will's birthday You CAN sit with us!

A great time was had by all. Join us in sending 34 wishes (one to grow on) into the universe for Will's best year yet!!!



***Song of the Moment: Walkin on a Pretty Day by Kurt Vile***

Group 7