Gifts that Do Good

Gifts that Do Good

Currently, the profits from this cuff are going to the Black Youth Project 100. We believe they are doing great work, doing it with love, beauty, inclusivity, and power. We believe in this approach; we value this energy; we want do what we can to amplify this group’s important message.
Please read our full statement about this important piece.

Bloom & Give donates 50% of their profits to programs that send girls to school in India where education is the most effective way for a girl to escape the cycle of childhood marriage, pre-teen pregnancy, and abuse. They partner with the grassroots program Educate Girls which targets the entire village community and typically increases enrollment to 90% within months, helping to undo centuries-old and deep-rooted traditional beliefs that stand in the way of girls' education.

Dinadi provides ethical employment to women in Nepal who, for various social reasons, would not otherwise have such opportunities. Dinadi provides their employees with skills training, profit-sharing, scholarships, and access to a full-time social worker.

What began as a hobby blossomed into a full-time business for Sarah Burroughs. She started Made out of frustration with poor design and functionality, creating a company that produces quality goods, trains and employs local refugees, and provides opportunities for people to learn new skills. Based in Salt Lake City, Made empowers its community to grow, learn, and become self-sufficient. Products from Made are beautifully designed and produced, and inspire creativity in everyone.

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