Gifts for Your Friend Who Has To Fit All Her Presents in One Checked Bag

Gifts for Your Friend Who Has To Fit All Her Presents in One Checked Bag

There's a lot to consider when holiday shopping for a visiting friend- what's she into right now? How will she get it home in her luggage? What was that thing she was talking about on the phone that she wanted back in October but you weren't paying attention because you were thinking about Stranger Things?? Why can't I search iMessages?!

We can't tell you what that thing was but we can make sure she won't be cursing your name as she's dragging her baggage through PDX. All featured items this week are suitcase-friendly and you'll score major points for having the foresight not to gift her a marble cheese board. You're welcome. BFFs forever (yes, we realize that's repetitive).

All items in this guide are 10% off through December 24th!

1.betsy & iya Coro Earrings 
betsy & iya  Coro Earrings - Brass $54, Silver $74 Shop Now

Earrings are little ornaments for the ears - muy holiday appropriate. These will look amazing on her, and they come in their own adorable protective tin! Actually, almost all of our jewelry comes in these adorable tins. Huzzah!

2.Caravan Pacific Perforated Hair Tie

Caravan Pacific  Perforated Hair Tie - $32 Shop Now

Yes, she can fit this in her checked bag, but she can also use it to dress up her travel outfit ('cause let's be real, she's probably wearing sweatpants).

3.Lee Coren Portofino Bag Burgundy

Lee Coren  Portofino Bag $34 
Shop Now (available in 5 colors)

Marie Kondo she is not. She's gonna need all the help she can get organizing and schlepping everything back home. Plus it has confetti on it. 

4.Tilikum Crossing Cuff Bracelet with cuff bag

betsy & iya  Tilikum Crossing Bridge Cuff - Brass (pictured) $72, Silver $92 Shop Now

Give a reminder of this Portland visit she can wear anytime. Plus, it'll be a metaphor for how your friendship bridges the distance between you. Pun intended. (Psst! We have 10 other bridges for your other ten best friends.)

5.Henné Organics Lip Exfoliator Lavender Mint

Henné Organics  Lip Exfoliator - $24 Shop Lavender Mint | Shop Nordic Berries

Choosing a lip exfoliator is 50% making sure it works and 50% making sure it tastes good. We're 100% sure this passes (there's sugar in it). Well done Henné. Well done.

6.W&P Design Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

W&P Design  Cocktail Kit (available in 7 flavors) - $24 Shop Now

Make sure she gets the cocktail she deserves after hustling through airport security. Shoes on? Yes. No! No shoes. Yes, socks. No jackets. Cell phones out of your pocket. Stack the bins!

7.Skeem Axiom Travel Candle & Mini Match Bottle

Skeem Design  Axiom Travel Candle & Mini Match Bottle - Candle $13, Match Bottle $10
Shop Mini Match Bottle
Shop Candles (available in 6 scents)

Adorable, delicious-smelling, and something she'll actually use. Also, it has travel in the title, how could you go wrong?

8.betsy & iya geometric thumbtacks

betsy & iya  Geometric Thumbtacks - $32 Shop Now

Give these pretty handcrafted thumbtacks and claim the place of honor on her bulletin board for your hilariously inappropriate holiday card.

9.A woman's guide to the wild

Sasquatch Books  A Woman's Guide to the Wild - $18.95 Shop Now

Need to pick a tent? Don't know how to light a fire? Want to learn what to do when you get your period while camping and are totally unprepared? This book's got it all covered. It's small/light enough to fit in her bag and will make any flight fly by. Pun intended. Duh.

10.Little River Sock Mill

Little River  Socks! - $16-35
*In-store only*

Sure, when you're a kid socks aren't the most exciting gift, but I think we can all agree that as adults they're actually pret-ty awesome. These 100% cotton, made in the USA socks are a cult favorite. 


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