Getting Sitchyated.

Today we deep cleaned the entire studio. That's where we started. We ended with new schedules, goals, responsibilities, systems, one heck of a feeling of accomplishment, and one heck of a clean studio. Have you ever hand scrubbed a floor? Yeah, me neither until today. Let me tell you; it's not super fun DURING, but the afterglow is intense. This is BIG for us. The clean part and the organized part. We're a little operation, which means we all wear a bunch of hats. This is super fun, but sometimes the hat you decide to throw on ends up being in someone else's way or maybe you accidentally yank someone's hat off when you're trying on a new one. So today, we decided to start wearing hats that work together. Smart, huh? ***Song of the Moment: Egosonic War Drums, by Blackalicious***
Group 7