Five Senses Friday.

***Just the other day, I saw this "five senses friday" on the awesome Abby's blog.  She warmly asked others to participate and even though I feel like I can barely keep my head above the wildly whirling work waters, I decided I had to do this.  I can't think of a better way to spend my breaks.  I recommend you go there and join in too!***
I HEREBY GIVE YOU, MY WEEK OF SENSES: Sight #1 & 2: (on my walk this week)



Taste: 1) AmyJo's (my sweet sweet housemate) popcorn.  She makes this AMAZING mixture of spice, sugar, salt, and brewer's yeast to shake it all up.  I could eat it for every meal.  We ate it this week, while watching American Idol.  (that's right, I watch AI...and I love it...get over yourselves). 2) Will and I made a recipe that's stuck with me all week: kale and white bean caldo.  So healthy, hearty, and tasty.  I felt like a new woman after I ate it.  Email me (betsy.and.iya [at] if you want if for yourself. 2) The smoothest red wine with the greatest of friends at Slow Bar.  (which leads me to...) Sight #3:

senses-wine-handsMy favorite hands.

I heard: 1) A new album I'm obsessed with.  It REALLY and truly helps me get my work done efficiently.  Haushka's new one and my first, Ferndorf.  I recommend the entire album, from start to finish.  I almost cried when I first listened to it.  It's beautiful.  It reminds me a lot of the way I felt when I first really listened to Yann Tiersen. Sight #4: Shape and Texture:



I smelled (and heard and touched):

After Slow Bar, I headed over to Rotture for a little bit of Soul night with some other good friends.  I DEFINITELY felt as if I had stepped into another old and familiar one.  People were packed in there, smells of patchouli and body odor and sweat filled the air.  It was different than a bunch of people packed in trying to hook up with each other.  It felt more like a gathering of mutual appreciation for what came before---true soul.  I was wearing my grandma's robin's egg blue dress---so fitting---and I shook it to one Smokey song with my soul-geek-goddess friend, Jessica.  It was my first soul night there.  I will be back.

Sight #5: From my meeting with old friends at Slow Bar on SE Grand last night.  This is my favorite image from the week.  It is a perfect representation of our slow, red time there.

senses-slow-bar Touch: 1) Last night's hug from Canadian Scott that I haven't felt in months. 2) Will's hands. 3) Grandma's old dress with cashmere socks. HAPPY WEEKEND!!! xoxo-betsy ***Song of the Moment: It Was You, by Aretha Franklin***

Group 7