Fierce Market Finds

Fierce Market Finds

There are only 15 days left until this year's Bazaar and we're getting excited. We have piles and piles of beautiful rugs, baskets, pillows stacked all over the office, which makes coming to work that much more exciting (and staying focused at work that much harder). Every time we pick a favorite, something new pops up and steals our hearts. We can't imagine how Suzy and Betsy managed to sort through the thousands of items available from the vendors at the Tucson Gem Show to bring back these select goods.

Suzy and Betsy are our resident style gurus, so if anyone could pick the best of the best, it would be them. Suzy is our retail buyer, aka the mastermind behind non-betsy & iya things sold. Betsy's had her house featured on Apartment Therapy before, so clearly she knows interior design as well as she knows jewelry design. Together these two are able to find the most stylish items at the Tucson Gem Show and bring them back for the rest of us to enjoy. Take a look at our gurus in action down below!

 Suzy shopping for the betsy & iya Bazaar

Suzy posing with a recycled plastic rug, perfect for adding a pop of color to your patio.

Designer Betsy Cross posing with colorful woven baskets

Betsy hanging with the coolest basket posse we've ever come across.

Suzy picking out colorful handcrafted goods for the betsy & iya Bazaar

Suzy meticulously going through Astou Dioum's bracelets and choosing the best.

Suzy with vendor Asian Imports

Making a deal with Zahir of Asian Imports! 

Designer Betsy Cross picking out handcrafted brass bracelets from Africa

Betsy picking out the best brass bracelets (say that 5 times fast!), only the finest for our b&i customers.

Suzy is very excited about the handcrafted jewelry!

Clearly, someone's excited about what they've found at the Red Shell booth!

Betsy Cross with basket vendor Hamidou Koita

Betsy hamming it up with Hamidou- seller of many colorful baskets made in Rwanda and Uganda.

Suzy looking at Bashir Tribal Rugs

Suzy inspects every inch of the gorgeous rugs at Bashir Tribal Rugs.

Betsy Cross and Suzy in Tucson, Arizona

The dream team stops for a dreamy sunlit selfie outside Tucson.

Suzy with the handcrafted goods for the betsy & iya Bazaar

Suzy can't believe how much they're going to ship home!

Betsy Cross with the handcrafted goods for the betsy & iya Bazaar

Betsy gets comfortable with the merch. Too comfortable? Nah.


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