Father's Day, betsy & iya Style

"Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap on a rope" -Bill Cosby

We're sure dad will appreciate whatever you get for him on Father's Day but may we suggest you skip the "soap on a rope" this year and go with some super awesome suggestions, all conveniently found at our brick & mortar. Call the shop at 503-227-5482 to purchase, or if you have more questions about these items! The Outdoorsman Dad If your father figure is an outdoorsman, why not bring a little of the great outdoors inside? Clockwise, top L to bottom R: Historical Photographs give dad a glimpse into life in Portland and surrounding areas during a time before Instagram filters (gasp!). Many of these photos we carry in our shop are of beautiful outdoor scenes. The Opinel Folding Knife is made in France and recognized worldwide for its quality and sleek design. This knife is simple, reliable, and has been carried in the pockets of many great adventuring dads throughout history. An air plant is low maintenance  and when put in a glass terrarium, brings life into dad's living &/or working space. A Fire Starter Kit by Jen Pearson Designs is a fun and practical gift. Made of reclaimed materials using sustainable methods, this portable present is clever and sure to bring a smile to dad's face.

outdoorsman Father's Day gifts

Historical Photograph $28, Opinel knife (stainless) $16, Terrarium $22, Fire Starter Kit $17

The Dapper Dad A dapper dad enjoys life's luxuries and taking good care of himself from top to bottom. Clockwise, L to R: Herbivore Botanical's Beard Tonic is 100% natural and is made to soften, hydrate, and protect the skin under his well-groomed facial hair. Goertzen bags were originally designed for fishermen and now have become a classic and stylish staple for a much broader audience. What dapper dad is complete without man-bling? Spice up his normal "wrist watch & go" routine with some manly arm candy. The cuffs and leather bangles below are unisex, vintage inspired, and have just the right amount of understated flair.

Dapper Father's Day gifts

Beard Tonic $19, Goertzen Bag $165, betsy & iya Golden Gate Bridge Cuff $74, African Brass Bangle $28, betsy & iya Leather Bangles $22
The Classic Dad
Traditional gifts with a modern twist are your best bets for a dad whose taste gravitates towards the classics. A money clip or bottle opener are obvious gifts for Father's Day, but here's the spin; these handsome pieces by Portland line Maple XO are made from recycled skateboards. C'mon, his favorite IPA and one of these vibrant bottle openers?  Done and done. "100 Best Places to Stuff Your Face" will serve as a great guide to Portland's best food experiences. How is he going to pay for all of these culinary adventures? Back to that money clip, duh! Preferably a stylish one for the popular destinations he'll be frequenting.
Maple XO money clip and bottle opener
Best Places to Eat in Portland

MapleXO Money Clip $28, MapleXO Bottle Opener $20, "100 Best Places to Stuff Your Face" $14.95

Hope these suggestions are helpful for dear ol' dad/grandad/step dad/other assorted variety of DAD. Have fun with it this year!
xo Ashley
***Song of the Moment: Papa Don't Preach by Madonna***
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