Expansion Update.

If I had to pick one word to sum up the past two weeks of construction, it'd be LOUD. As I type this post, I can hear drilling, sanding, and jack hammering through the wall- and this is all whilst my headphones are playing Metallica Pandora. My elderly self is totally scolding me right now. Don't get the wrong idea though- I like it. Rather than being bothered, the noise we can all hear through the wall is a near constant reminder of growth and progress. It's actually kind of motivating. I mean, if I can audibly notice hard work going on near me, it's bound to provide a nudge to my own to-do list, right?? All this noise is for good reason, as the crew is busy leveling the stairs seen below in preparation to pour the concrete that will form our new floor.

concrete cutting    concrete cutting blade

 The bigger the blade, the louder the noise? I think that's how it goes...

jack hammer work on new floor

The work of aforementioned big blade created a hole where concrete foundation will be poured.

wood frame walls

In other news, the wood frames that will eventually be walls are all up. We have rooms <---plural!!

Betsy and Rachel talk

In between all the handiwork, there are frequent check-ins between Betsy (L) and Rachel, our construction manager, often involving grand gestures. 

I look forward to capturing the work of the concrete mixer in the next few days. This process continues to open my eyes to the complexities of the spaces we inhabit daily, as well as giving me a whole new appreciation for the solid ground I stand on. Make sure to follow our weekly #betsyandiyabuildout updates on Instagram! xo Anna   ***Song of the Moment: Bound for the Floor by Local H***
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