Expansion Update.

In case you missed it: we're expanding! We've outgrown our space in NW Portland and are taking over the back of the historic building of our brick & mortar shop, a move that will allow us more room for production, office space, and twirling around without hitting a coworker or sharp corner. The good people at Dogwood Construction crew are heading up this effort and I consider myself extremely lucky that I get to visit the space regularly and document their progress. It's become something I look forward to with such enthusiasm that while I was visiting my family over the holidays (hi, family!), I found myself wondering what differences I would see when I returned.

photo-2 photo-26 Left: Day 1 of the buildout, Right: One week later

This project - a huge mark of growth for betsy & iya and a result of months of hard work by Betsy, Will and all of my coworkers - has made me realize that I've always been fascinated with this type of construction. Although I'm not one to watch shows where revamping spaces is the entire premise of a 30-60 minute program (mostly because I don't have a TV and I do have a "sitting still problem"), I love observing change and the passage of time through remodeling &/or building construction.

photo 5 photo 3 Left: Week 2, Right: My shadow and Rachel, our construction manager, inspecting the wood frame

As a kid, I recall being super interested in the progress whenever my parents made any sort of home adjustments. When they redid our small kitchen, I watched intently everyday after school; when they decided to rip up the carpet in the bedrooms exposing wood floor (good call), my mind ran wild about what else was hidden under painted walls and tile covered spaces.

photo 4 photo 2 Left: What I saw when I returned from holiday travel (week 4-ish, note doorway on the right), Right: Uncovered window brings light!

I draw a lot of parallels between the progress in the expansion and that of betsy & iya; both started as rough ideas, utilized thoughtful plans to impact growth, and have advanced beautifully in ways both expected and unexpected. And turns out, I'm still as captivated by watching it all as I was as a 10 year old.

photo 2 photo 1 Left: The spot on the ground where I place my left foot in order to create consistency in my weekly progress shots (gotta find a new marker before they start on the floors!), Right: Concrete & Campbells (of the Jeffrey variety, of course!)- I try to take a photo for my personal use every time I venture to the space for a further indication of progress

This time of year is especially ripe with thoughts of redoing and refreshing in our personal and professional lives. Seeing the finished space - then inhabiting it during the workday - is the thing I'm most excited about in 2014. We'll be posting weekly updates on our Instagram so please, follow along!

Until next time,

Anna xo

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