Don't Call it a Comeback.

...I been here for years.  Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear.  Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon. Listen to the bass go BOOM.  Explosion. Anybody else listen to LL COOL J back in the day?  I sure did.  And I'm pretty certain my rap sounded nothing like the lyrics above.  And I'm also pretty sure my eleven year old self felt FIERCE rapping along. It's time to revamp this here blog...explode with the things, anecdotes, designs, shop before/afters, new products we've been hoarding. It's time to purge!  I can't wait to purge on you! Here is just a taste of what our 6 am wake ups and all-nighters have looked like over the past two months:

We've missed you guys.  Can't WAIT to jump back in here with you.

As my good friend Gina always says:



***Song of the Moment (derrrr...): Mama Said Knock You Out, by LL Cool J***

Group 7