DISCOUNT: Taxes Shmaxes!

Aren't we all glad April 15th has passed!?!  If we're not excited about a refund, we're excited to have paid our dues and be moving on...or maybe we're just excited to get the darn paperwork out of the way!

Me, Kim Werker, and Kari Chapin (author of The Handmade Marketplace) at Etsy in Brooklyn, NY.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am offering a special discount through Tuesday, April 20th.  Just enter "Taxes Shmaxes" into the comment box when checking out for a 20% discount on ALL ITEMS!!  After that, you can do one of two things:

a) wait for a revised invoice BEFORE you pay.  It will appear in your email inbox, click it, then pay. OR b) go ahead and pay and we'll refund your discount money right away!


maybe you wanna celebrate by eating chocolate bacon??


or maybe by treating yourself to a new Peruvian Opal necklace, full of light and spring.  Free shipping too!!


We work with an awesome woman who specializes in the complicated numbers from musicians, artists, indie boutiques, etc.  She has done a stellar job with our taxes; she's affordable, fair, and fun (and who can say that about their tax person)!  I recommend her to everyone I know. I hope you all have a lovely, beautiful, sunny, inspired weekend.  I plan on it! ***Song of the Moment: Plastis Wafers, by Of Montreal***

Group 7