New In Shop - Demimonde Fall 2017

New In Shop - Demimonde Fall 2017

We've got some new arrivals from Portland, Oregon jewelry line Demimonde available in our retail shop! Many earrings we stock from Demimonde are one-of-a-kind styles like the ones below. But we also regularly stock styles in our webshop, like these

If you want to order any of the below pieces that are not available in our webshop, call our store at 503-227-5483 or email

The pieces Rachael creates are so distinctive and gorgeous that you can instantly tell a Demimonde piece when you see it. Their texture and movement are fantastic, and they reflect the light beautifully. Check out below a few of the pieces we currently have in our retail shop - remember, they're one-of-a-kind, so get your favorite while you can!

  Demimonde jewelry logo & model photo

Demimonde Earrings -  Amazonite beads, 14k gold fill $168
Demimonde Necklace - Green Agate beads, Hematite beads, Brass $170
Shown with Tienda Ho Oasis Top in Black $88 (Click here to see more Tienda Ho)



  Demimonde Earrings Druzy and Brass Beads Demimonde Earrings - Druzy beads, Brass, & 14K Gold fill $180


Demimonde Earrings Druzy and Spinel Beads
Demimonde Earrings - Druzy, Spinel, & 14K Gold fill $168


3 Demimonde Necklaces, pearl, kyanite, hematite From left: Demimonde Necklace - Kyanite, Hematite $180
Demimonde Necklace - Pearl, Pyrite, Brass $168
Demimonde Necklace - Pearl, Pyrite, Brass $168 


  Demimonde Necklaces
From left: Demimonde Necklace - Green Agate $90
Demimonde Necklace - Green Agate $90


 Demimonde jewelry long turquoise necklace Demimonde Necklace - Turquoise Beads, Brass $200
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