Daphne Has a HOT Date!

As well-dressed as Daphne is, you can only imagine how easy it is for her to get a date  (it doesn't hurt that she stands outside our Brick and Mortar shop everyday greeting all the hunks that pass by). Needless to say, I was not surprised when Daphne asked me for help to get dressed for her hot date tonight. She was over-thinking it, so I helped her put together a darling outfit that would sweep anyone off of their feet.


Classy with a touch of edge. GO Daphne.


Daph's bringing sexy back. I love the way this Uzi dress drapes effortlessly & adds interest to this Little Black Dress.

What she’s wearing: Dress: Black Plain Refugee Dress by Uzi
Belt: Sarah Bibb
Beaded Necklace: SULU
Brass Necklaces: Time Oasis and Chain of Fools by betsy & iya

If Daphne had a head (and fingers)…

"I love the way these earrings move. Perfect for dancing in the moonlight."


"Talon hoops can be dressed-up or kept casual. So good."


"Sandblast hoops = understated elegance."


Wish Daphne good luck tonight. Hopefully they hit it off! Either way Daphne will look smokin'... Cheers, Kelly ***Song of the Moment: Little Bit by Lykke Li***

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