Confessions: when the cat's away...

W went out of town this weekend--back back woodsy camping with a bunch of dudes. I went (in this specific order)--- 80s dancing, bass practicing, girl sleepover-ing, shopping, another girl sleepover; and then I purged. 


letting go


Sometimes it's tough living in a really small space.  Other times it's a gift.  It has truly taught me how to live more simply (+ a MOTHER load of patience).  This weekend I finally got rid of all the clothes, shoes, and thingys that really have no place in my life any more.  It's been several rounds before I've landed here:  completely cleaned out, not one useless tank or sad skirt that never gets asked to dance any more, not one shoe still gasping for air. 


less clutter on the piano top = happy betsy


This last batch was 10 pounds, not including 7 pairs of shoes.  It's true what they say, I feel like that weight came right off of me. I also did some rearranging of the house while he was gone, it's feeling less cluttered and more bright and open (kinda like how I'm feeling on the inside these days). 


new furniture arrangements (don't worry, I've already cleaned off all of that shmutz you see on top of the desk)


...even had time to practice my new blue bass this weekend. yeah!


There is no trace of fabric death and shoe rot in my drawers and closet anymore--it's all active, current, and...alive. And that's just how I feel right now: alive. Wow, I needed that.  And now I'm ready for the W to come home. Heeeeeello, Monday! xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: It Beats 4 U, by My Morning Jacket***

Group 7