W went out of town this weekend--back back woodsy camping with a bunch of dudes. I went (in this specific order)--- 80s dancing, bass practicing, girl sleepover-ing, shopping, another girl sleepover; and then I purged. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="letting go"][/caption] Sometimes it's tough living in a really small space.  Other times it's a gift.  It has truly taught me how to live more simply (+ a MOTHER load of patience).  This weekend I finally got rid of all the clothes, shoes, and thingys that really have no place in my life any more.  It's been several rounds before I've landed here:  completely cleaned out, not one useless tank or sad skirt that never gets asked to dance any more, not one shoe still gasping for air. [caption id="attachment_2561" align="aligncenter" width="467" caption="less clutter on the piano top = happy betsy"][/caption] This last batch was 10 pounds, not including 7 pairs of shoes.  It's true what they say, I feel like that weight came right off of me. I also did some rearranging of the house while he was gone, it's feeling less cluttered and  more bright and open (kinda like how I'm feeling on the inside these days). [caption id="attachment_2559" align="aligncenter" width="349" caption="new furniture arrangements (don't worry, I've already cleaned off all of that shmutz you see on top of the desk)."][/caption] [caption id="attachment_2560" align="aligncenter" width="349" caption="...even had time to practice my new blue bass this weekend. yeah!"][/caption] There is no trace of fabric death and shoe rot in my drawers and closet any more--it's all active, current, and...alive. And that's just how I feel right now: alive. Wow, I needed that.  And now I'm ready for the W to come home. Heeeeeello, Monday! xo~betsy ***Song of the Moment: It Beats 4 U, by My Morning Jacket***

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October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM


You know I’m squealing with delight after reading a purging post. And I’m actually all smiles, too, now that I’ve caught up on your road trips posts. Looks like Columbus was a hit (yay, Ohio!). And your set-up for the sale on the east coast looked awesome. Go you.

October 05 2016 at 09:10 PM

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