Coming Back to Fall.

(the word is...real deal wedding photos will be here NEXT WEEK...stay tuned...  In the meantime, I'll throw in some more friend's photos here.)


I mean that title in the most positive sense.  Though, I do also mean it in the other way.  I like falling.  And I like fall, the season.  I remember in our physical theatre masters program, the very first day of school, we spent 3 hours falling---literally---and picking ourselves back up again...or catching ourselves before we actually splat on the floor.  At the time, I remember thinking, what have I gotten myself into?? I decided that day to fully immerse myself into the work and stop questioning it.  I think today, the exercise speaks to me more than in the midst of it.


In the moment, I was trying so hard to do it "right".  This is a constant virgo struggle with me...I want to be right, good, PERFECT.  The whole exercise (for me) became a massive metaphor for life...letting go, physically and mentally and emotionally letting go and allowing myself to fall so that I might find a way---a genuine, real, betsy way---to catch myself, pick myself up again, and find strength and buoyancy in who I am and what I do:  to see the wide open road of potential ahead of me and accept it as just that...and then, just. start. walking.  The ultimate task (through our entire MFA program) was "to be"---as honestly as is humanly possible.

weddingb&iya(everyone wearing betsy & iya jewelry at the wedding!!!!  so so sweet.)

I think we find that truth when we honestly forget we're searching for it...and then we become it.  So today, I'm falling into fall and I'm soooooo loving it. It's cold outside. It's crisp. I'm turning colors, like the leaves. I feel clear and ready. I am so blessed. I love falling. I always discover something new about life and me.

weddingfunnyface(our ring bearer not wanting to give me a hug.)

weddingashw_will(my stunningly gorgeous sister and best friend with my groom and other best friend.)


weddingmomrose(my beautiful mother---like no other.)

weddingartpiece2(the wedding painting in its beginning stages)

weddingstellan(we asked everyone to wear flowers to the wedding.  stellan chose well.)

weddingringhappiness(yeah.  it feels good.)

weddingboysfun(we encourage play.  for all times.)

weddingmamakiss(i love this picture.  my mama and two of my closest friends)

I also love fall because the food changes.  Will and I got so many wonderful recipes and recipe books from our dear family and friends at the wedding.  For the first time in my life I can say, I'm honestly excited about cooking.  A great friend and inspiration, Susan, gave me a wonderful cookbook called, Simply Organic, at my bridal shower.  She gets my cooking anxiety, but I guess she knew I could overcome it.

weddinghands(my new husband.  our hands.  it took many days to get over the new ring.  I still love staring at it.)

I was terrified to cook from the book, but the other night when W was staying late at the office (what a wifey thing to say!?), I decided to whip up something full of fall.  I made---get THIS---celery root, apple soup AND roasted parsnips and leeks----


weddingeats(I can't believe how proud I am of this ridiculous picture.  Our friend, Boyd slayed the food.  It was the most amazing smorgasbord I have ever tasted...people are still talking about it.  Thank you, Boyd...we love you.)

I was afraid to taste it, but the moment I put it in my mouth, I fell over with joy.  It. was. de. licious.  And I didn't have that thing where I don't want to eat the food because I was the one who cooked it---it happens to me sometimes.  I did, however, have a full sense of kitchen pride and a belly full of warm tasty goodness.



I hope you all enjoy your Wednesdays. ...and I hope you truly embrace your own Falls. ***Song of the Moment:  Become, by Kotogoto***
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