Come see me this weekend!

Can you believe it?  Thanksgiving.  Is.  Here. I'll keep this quick because if you're anything like me, you've got rehearsal tonight until 10pm, you're still working feverishly in the studio up to the last minute, and you haven't even been to the grocery store for tomorrow.  Let's not even mention the fact that I have no idea what we're bringing to potluck Thanksgiving.  W, help me out here!  (he will, too, and that's why he's radtastic.) wow-o. Here's an awesome picture.   This turkey is actually a person. So here's the skinny: I've got two shows this weekend! Black Friday, 11.27.09: I'll be at one of my favorite PDX stores from noon-4pm.  Mabel & Zora (click for map). Sunday, 11.29.09: Portland Arts Bazaar, 11am-5pm.  Pioneer Courthouse Square. Of course, the shop will be open on Saturday as well. and GET THIS.  Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale:  spend $100 and get a free pair of earrings up to $25.  This applies to Etsy orders as well. THANK YOU to all of my wonderful fans and customers.  I'm thankful that your support lets me do what I love doing: making you jewelry you look hot in. ***Song of the Moment: Don't Stop Me Now, by Queen***
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