Cherry Blossoms in Wonderland.

I forget how much I love drawing and painting until I'm actually doing it.  And then it's as if the world melts away, all of my troubles, fears, obligations, sadness; I find myself in a smooth, colorful, geometric, creamy, limitless world of adventure,  joy, and matter the subject. gu-painting-2 Over the past few months, I've had the privilege of doing some decorating consulting and design work for Georgetown University's Foot & Ankle Center.  During my last visit, we decided that the space was really aching for color pops.  I rounded up some of my favorite paints and put together a collection that I thought would go beautifully against the dark blue walls in the space.


One thing I love about DC and Virginia (my home state) is the warmth and color of the landscape.  There's a reason they say it's for lovers-- you pretty much can't beat the Blue Ridge Mountains...  Oh, and DC's abundant cherry blossoms.  I wanted the paintings to have a cohesiveness while remaining independent.


I loved the idea of cherry blossoms as the through line.  So the cherry blossom was the impetus (along with the right kind of blues), then I kinda went nuts from there.  The top painting is also the bottom painting, flipped around.  It's the most abstract; it's my favorite.


This one is huge, 30 x 40 inches.  I painted it horizontally, as seen at the top.  When finished, I played with which angle was my favorite and why.  This vertical version reminds me of a calm creek or stream (also very Virginia) and the sun going down on a summer's day, with fish jumping and fireflies waving and micro eco-systems thriving.  It reminds me of a place I want to be.

I really should do this more often.

***Song of the Moment: A Sunday Smile, by Beirut***

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