Canto Inspiration

Canto Inspiration

Hot summer nights spent in Cuban clubs in Mexico.

People of all ages, dancing, twirling, drumming.

Women older than 90, 15-year-old boys asking them to dance, rhythm on top of rhythm on top of rhythm. To the side, women cooling themselves off with brightly colored fans.

You dance, you fan, you dance again.

This is just what you do.

This is how you live.

From these memories come the Canto collection. Our brand new collection inspired by my time spent living in Mexico. I wanted to translate the vivacity and confidence of the dancing club goers in Mexico to the new pieces by making them bold and striking, yet feminine and incredibly lightweight.

In this collection, one of my specific intentions was to break down the “I can’t wear big jewelry” barriers so many people put up in front of themselves. You CAN wear it. You can wear jewelry that’s as big or as small as you want and should feel great in it. Put on a big pair of gold/silver hoops and feel like the most confident woman you could be, or rock some sweet tiny studs and be a total badass as well. You choose, we’ll provide the jewelry! -Betsy

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