Y'all staying cool out there or what? Thankfully, my desk is positioned very close to the AC unit, so I'm doing just fine. Thanks for asking! ;-) There's one thing the heat hasn't slowed down, and that's the influx of several new arrivals and restocked items in our brick & mortar. August is shaping up to be another super busy month for us, and we have SO MANY reasons for you to come see us. A few for your viewing pleasure... Herbivore Botanicals Herbivore Botanicals:  Products made in Seattle, WA by this duo and their team are among our go-to bath & body products. New in the shop are these two magnificent products: Lapis Balancing Facial Oil ($26) and Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist ($32). Check out even more Herbivore Botanicals products on our website. colorful baskets Handwoven baskets from Senegal: Too many baskets? Surely you jest! There's simply never enough places to store "stuff" around the house, in your office, or even in the car. These are not only functional, but the color combos are so eye catching, they can also just be used as decoration. Demimonde earrings Demimonde Jewelry earrings: There are few things guaranteed to produce such excitement from our entire staff like a restock of Demimonde jewelry (other things: CSA delivery day, Barrie's baked goods, lunch time...#foodmotivated). Rachael never disappoints, and this current group includes earrings using pearls, copper, and turquoise. I lined them up to "face off" in the grand battle of silver vs. brass- whose side are YOU on? betsy & iya dogs Heatwave Mood: New in the shop? Nope! Just a super cute pic of Gingham, who finds solace under the break room couch. On that note, I'm signing off! See you soon, Anna