betsy & iya & bowling.

One of our mantras at b&i is don't do anything halfway; do it with your whole, awesome self, and do it well. It's no surprise that we approach our all-staff outings with the same spirit of "going all out" in an effort to spend quality time together outside of work. Since we started doing them, we've hit the dance floor, got our roll on, and been scared silly in a corn maze, all together and all while laughing (oh yeah, there was plenty to laugh about in that corn maze). In the grand tradition of quarterly staff outings, this month's activity was fun, active, and helped us create deeper bonds with our coworkers. We headed to Grand Central Bowling in inner SE Portland and took the lanes for two hours on a Thursday night. Here's what happened. Grand Central Bowling Portland, OR

Legit status = 100

Grand Central Bowling Portland, OR

Never underestimate the power of black light bowling to trigger intense nostalgia.

Grand Central Bowling Portland, OR

Elizabeth, with her crouching tiger/hidden dragon-style form, was my nemesis that night. We were head-to-head the whole night! I think she ended up beating me (and by "I think" I actually mean "yes, yes she did beat me").


Taylor, sweet-natured maker by day, fierce pin-annihilator by night.

Grand Central Bowling Portland, OR

Suzy's strengths include being an insanely talented merchandiser, always looking out for all of us at work, and making beautiful jewelry. One of Suzy's only weaknesses? Bowling. Now we know.

Grand Central Bowling Portland, OR

Bossman Will, the king of doing a million things at once and doing them all really, really well, obviously bowls a great game WHILST eating pizza. How's that for multitasking?


This is Shea, who is observing the result of his latest bowl, which always resulted in one of two outcomes: strike or spare. Some people get all the talent.

Grand Central Bowl Portland, OR

Taking a bow after your turn - I don't care if you only hit the gutter - is totally mandatory. Betsy makes it look especially cute!

Grand Central Bowling Portland, OR

After two fierce hours on the lanes, we moved upstairs where there is an arcade full of games for adults!


Sara and Suzy take the wheel. 

Another wonderful all-staff outing is in the books (in the lanes?) for the quarter. Super big thanks to the planning team of Elizabeth, Betsy, Barrie, and Gabriella for making sure all logistics were taken care of.

Until next outing,


Group 7